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    Career portfolios are used to plan, organize and document education, work samples and skills. ... Career portfolios serve as proof of one's skills, abilities, and potential in the future.The most obvious reason for a career portfolio is to help you land in your career of choice. In interviews, your portfolio shows potential employers the proof of you skills, education, work experience, references, career goals, and works in progress. By providing a career portfolio and highlighting your positives, employers will take you more seriously and know you take your career seriously

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    In this service your professional summary will be crafted by our experts. This one page synopsis projects you as a leader/ expert in your domain. Our writers synchronise your professional achievements with your personality thus portraying you as a candidate with strong business values.

    If you are looking for someone to narrate your experience Executive Biography is the right product for you. Through this service you can market your value to the board of directors, investors and recruiters.

    One page document, giving a sneak peek into your life outside the workplace, and covering your non-professional passions and hobbies.